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The Government of Fujairah and TANQIA FZC executed a Concession Agreement (CA) on 10th May 2004, granting TANQIA a 33-year exclusive right to develop, design, finance, construct, own, operate and maintain, and expand the Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS) for the City of Fujairah and its Environs.

TANQIA started the construction of its wastewater treatment system in 2005 and achieved its commercial operations of Phase I on 30th June 2007; and Phase II on 30th June 2008. Currently, TANQIA is a regulated utility which operates under Private-Public-Partnership (PPP).

TANQIA is a real showcase for the cooperation between the Government of UAE and the private sector, and the first privately-held wastewater collection and treatment utility in the UAE and the Middle East. TANQIA – which means ‘purify’ in Arabic – encapsulates in one word the mission of the company.

GF Piping Systems
GF Piping Systems
GF Piping Systems is a leading supplier of piping systems made of plastics. Georg Fischer focuses on system solutions and high-quality components for the safe transport of water, gas & other synthetic media in industrial, utilities, and building technology.

Sustainable use of water
GF Piping Systems product line includes fittings, valves, pipes, automation, instrumentation and jointing technology and covers all water cycle applications.

Leading supplier of sustainable piping systems
GF Piping Systems supports its customers in over 100 countries through its own sales companies and representative offices. The company is present in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas with more than 30 manufacturing sites as well as research and development centres, which also support energy-saving use of raw materials and resources

Solutions from one source
GF Piping Systems offers comprehensive application solutions for plastic pipe jointing technology, measurement and control technology in addition to piping systems in a wide range of materials.

The know-how extends from plastics injection moulding to flow, measurement and control technology to malleable iron casting. GF Piping Systems carries over 60 000 products for a variety of applications and specializations

Water Treatment: Protecting resources is a necessity
GF Piping Systems facilitates the production and distribution of drinking water by supplying reliable, corrosion-free plastic piping systems.

Drinking water, industrial water or waste water: Depending on the application area, our customers have to face different challenges in water treatment processes ranging from guaranteeing high water qualities, to providing reliable measurements to assuring stringent regulations.

For our industrial customers, the efficiency, quality and security of their processes are of decisive importance. We fulfil customer requirement by providing reliable and durable piping systems for a variety of industrial applications: From transporting compressed air, gases, drinking water, laboratory water and aggressive process liquids to chemicals dosing, bioreactors and complex cooling and heating systems - we offer the right solutions and products

The division develops energy-saving products for the chemical process industry, high-purity distribution systems for ultrapure water/ microelectronics and total plastic solutions for photovoltaics.

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The Aliaxis Group
The Aliaxis Group is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of primarily plastic fluid handling systems used in residential and commercial construction, as well as in industrial and public infrastructure applications. Our brands (as Aliaxis Utilities & Industry, FIP, Friatec, IPEX, Straub or Durapipe) have strong identity and are firmly established in the markets they serve.

Our people
An entrepreneurial spirit thrives in Aliaxis people. This spirit combined with the strength, resources and discipline of an international company, defines the Group. Thanks to our employees, Aliaxis continues to develop and improve its positions in key construction applications throughout the world.

Our know-how
At Aliaxis we combine our knowledge of local markets, customers, regulations and construction habits and leverage this knowledge at a regional and a global level. Thanks to that know-how we strive to provide consistent outstanding customer service, through our distribution partners, to building installers, infrastructure contractors and others.

Our reach
Aliaxis strives to maintain a balance between global presence and local awareness. We are a truly global company seeking to solidify our positions in key areas throughout the world. With a presence in over 40 countries, the Group has more than a 100 manufacturing and commercial entities and employs over 16.200 people.

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